Sunday, January 22, 2012

Field Trip with Gram Vikas Management

Gram Vikas Project Offices in Kalahandi

Narahari Babu's "svarg' at the Baffala project office, prolifically demonstrating organic farming methods for nearby villages.


Nearby village youth being trained in masonry work.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hunnar Shaala

Hunnar Shaala is one of my most favorite NGO's, led by a Sandeep Virmani and Kiran Vaghel and several other phenomenal managers. They focus on indigenous building/construction methods and water management and many other interventions for rural and urban marginalized communities. The thread that links all their work is that they want to learn from locals and help them see they already know what is required.

My sister has been working there for a year now. I just visited their office and her work in the slums of Bhuj.

Hunnar Shaala has a website ( but I think it could do a much better job of showcasing all their excellent work. Anyone interested in helping them update their site?

They have a beeeeautiful new office that uses the building techniques they promote.

Kiranbhai (who helped greatly with some innovative Kalahandi work) and I share a laugh near their new workshop.

We're standing next to a rammed earth wall.

Another one of Hunnar Shaala's strength is to network effectively and efficiently with other groups to make lasting changes. Here is a community worker from KMVS that works with my sis facilitating slum housing in Bhuj.

Transition back to Bhawanipatna

Time goes,
Settings change,
Eyes, heart, mind rest.
All looks new...again.

Feels good to be back ... and adjusting.

Been nice to catch up with buddies in town. Here's Kumari. She's been sweeping for Gram Vikas for some time now. Her husband left her years ago. She has two beautiful kids and a gorgeous smile, melodious voice, and huge heart.

Here is Podur, one of my many favorite cycle rickshaw-walas. The best part about Bpatna is that there no autos! (Well, i did see one before I left in Aug.)

And the best part of town are the daily and weekly market scenes (taken from Podurbhai's rick).

Friday, September 02, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011